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A Devil Named Angel
A Devil Named Angel

Look for our entry into the world of romance. The first romance novel by OmniLand Books is in the works.
Preview: Kristin made every effort to appear occupied with her driving and held on to the steering wheel mostly for support. Her body had betrayed her. Her knees could barely hold her up; her skin offered no protection from his searing heat, and her eyes, she was certain, mirrored her thoughts. He was just another man, why did his touch matter so much? His dark brown eyes almost reduced her to ashes, and his mere presence obliterated her composure. She must control this madness for she knew Sam Donner; she had heard all about him. It would be like admiring the strength and beauty of a man-eating tiger from its dinner plate. She would be on her guard in the presence of this unprincipled lothario no matter how wonderfully captivating he appeared to be.